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Skimming Filler

Crystal Gypsum Filler is a gypsum based plaster highly recommended for plastering of gypsum ceilings, drywall partitions and concrete walls.When applied by a professional gypsum ller dries quickly since it has 50 minute working time that is ideal for dry walls which makes sanding easy and smooth.

Application: Installation, Repairs & Jointing

  • Gradually add gypsum filler into clean water.
  • Mix continuously until it’s smooth.
  • Remove loose materials before application
  • Fill holes and cracks with filling knife
  • For deep walls allow first coat to set in about 50 mins before allowing final coat.
  • Allow product to bed-in over tape at 100mm width, embed with large knife or trowel
  • Once set apply second coat and leather the edges to 60mm beyond previous coat.
  • Allow to dry overnight before final sanding

Advantages: Dries quickly, makes sanding easy and smooth.

Packaging: 25kgs


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