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Crystal Paints and Adhesives

In terms selection of paint, various aspects need to be considered. Significance of paint notwithstanding, the quality is very crucial. The notion that the more expensive the paint, the better it is isn’t always a clear-cut. Knowledge of the constitutes of the paint go a long way to help in decision making.
Some of the factors that help in verification of paint quality are such as texture and smell when wet and dry after application. However, for now, we shall look at the following:

  • The more the solid content the higher the quality;

Solids proportion in a can of paint is the thickness and quality of the protective paint layer since the solids are the only material left on the surface after dry up. High solid paints have been proven to be of great quality.

  • The main pigments that make a paint;

An example is Titanium dioxide. It is the main pigment that provides superior coverage. It provides color, hiding, and control gloss. It also protects the paint from the effects of UV lights.

  • The level of binders in a paint;

Paint with a higher concentration of binders does better in resisting cracking and peeling. This information is always provided on the label stuck on the paint tin.

  • Cheap is expensive;

In the event one goes for low quality paint because it is cheap, you will end up using more resources to repaint the house over time. A low-quality paint is washed out easily, therefore it will require repainting after a certain period of time which can be costly.


All Crystal paints contain all the above factors that help in quality verification. With this in mind, click to learn more about our products.